This is a dynamic page. I will address common questions as I receive them or as answers change.

Q: What qualifications do you have to give career or financial advice?

A: I have a doctorate degree in dental surgery, will finish my MD in 2018, and have worked as an entrepreneur, interpreter for medical missions, surgery intern, and behind the bar. I managed to obtain two doctorate level degrees that should have cost me over $400,000 with a current debt that is less than half that. My interest in finance and millennial entrepreneurship, or at least the concepts that work for me, is distilled in what you will find here. My focus is increased freedom through early financial independence, modern hacks to increase efficiency, and a focus on conserving resources for overall wellness that I think healthcare is missing.

Q: Does this site make money?

Not yet. I don’t envision it being a major contributor to my financial picture, because most blogs monetize with ads and heavy use of affiliate marketing. That is why a lot of bigger blogs’ posts are littered with ads, popups, and links to products and services. I advocate reducing spending on things, I am resistant to hampering the reader experience with ads, and my advice is free, so anything generated by the blog won’t add up to much. When I find a product or service that is helpful to me and I believe will be helpful to readers, I will post it with an affiliate link. This means that if you follow my link, agree with my assessment, and buy anything, I will receive a small commission. You will either pay the same amount or less than if you hadn’t used my site, for a product that I think will get you closer to the vision you have for your future. I see it as a win-win.

Q: Do you offer any consulting or coaching services?

A: Not at this time, though I am considering offering consulting for professional school admissions, scholarship essays, independent contractor contract negotiations, side hustles, and more. I just don’t have the time for it right now.

Q: Why do you write anonymously?

A: I’m doing it this way for the sake of my medical career. I believe medicine is relatively intolerant of people who want to shake up the balance, as I definitely do, and a lot of clinicians might think that spending this much time on a side project indicates that I don’t care about my surgery career. This isn’t true, but for the time being, I’ll make sure no one can make that assumption.

So far it has been a big disadvantage to stay anonymous–I can’t use my personal social networks, send links to my friends, or gain exposure publicly with my name. I’ve even withheld some lifestyle tips and hobbies because they’re specific enough for people to know they came from me.

Q: Who is Jackson Pratt Penrose?

An alias that totally gives away my career path as a surgeon. Jackson Pratt (JP) and Penrose drains are both used in surgery to prevent accumulation of bleeding in a closed wound or to provide an exit for inflammation/infectious material while the surgical wound heals.

On a side not, did you know that Jackson was the most popular boys name in the country in 2014?


Q: Who is Sir Clage?

A medical school friend I met on an OB/GYN rotation where hilarity reigned. His pseudonym and the jokes were influenced by that experience. If you don’t already know what it is, look up “cerclage” and get back to me.