Right Now

I’ve taken a suggestion from some of my favorite bloggers and added a dynamic Now page in lieu of a long-winded description of my life. I include a picture from our current or most recent escapades for good measure– see above.


I’ve always loved The Four Hour Work Week, also by Tim Ferriss, for inspiration and a framework to approaching lifestyle design, though I don’t agree with all of its tenants. Tools of the Titans is not as earth-shattering in its implications, but is much easier to peruse and selectively apply. I love the insights from the business leaders (one anonymous billionaire’s advice: “Don’t be constrained by the norms of your times,”) but will leave most of the health tips at home. No, I don’t plan on buying a hyperbaric chamber or alternating between hot showers and ice baths for three cycles for times a week. Not that I personally have evidence to refute it.


Coffee with Grand Marnier. Grand Marnier goes well in pretty much anything (orange, sugar, and alcohol will do that), but I’d choose a coffee with some chocolate notes (i.e. something from Central America) to remind you of the chocolate oranges everyone used to get for Christmas. Put a shot of “Grand-ma” into any normal sized mug of steaming joe and enjoy.

Current Project

Finishing my falconry apprenticeship. What? Yes, I spent some free time in the medical school portion of my residency program to become a licensed falconer. This is a niche hobby so I don’t expect most of you to care, but…I hunt with the help of a red-tailed hawk. Becoming a falconer requires two years of training as an apprentice, not to mention trapping your own wild bird, training it, and hunting with it. Not for the faint-of-heart, but the single best way I’ve found to get outdoors and interact with nature. I’ll be hanging up the glove for a while as I’ll be going back on service in March.