As if you didn’t have enough to read already…

Some of my favorite resources. Most of the information found on MiM is culled from one of the below, but it always helps to read more! I don’t recommend any resource that I don’t personally subscribe to.

Career-related: Most professional students know all of the resources that everyone else uses, so this list is not exhaustive.

Life in the Fast Lane: the single best resource I’ve found for explaining difficult medical concepts (especially EKGs) and emergency medicine. It happens to be written by ER docs from Australia. Learn how to interpret right bundle branch block AND treat a bite from a tiger snake!

Dropout Club: The place to go if you’re questioning your decision to pursue healthcare. I put it here because, obviously, I’ve been there. Follow this to see that you are not alone. They also have a great mailing list of alternative job openings should you decide to shift out of clinical care.

Personal Finance: We’ll tread lightly here. There are just too many excellent resources, but I will highlight two that meet my criteria of high impact with nominal time or research investment: these people teach you complex concepts, and how to act on them, quickly.

The Money Habit  Anonymous blogger JP Livingston worked in the financial district and managed to save enough to retire at the age of 28 while living in New York. Intrigued? Me too. She has a concise and humorous writing style that makes a traditionally dry topic enjoyable. Great advice on moderating spending and smart utilization of financial tools.

Millennial Money  Grant Sabatier, the Millennial Millionaire, describes his true rags-to-riches story, one that is realistic and accessible to anyone. His content is excellent for saving tips and for making money on your own time, often remotely. Many of my side hustles were inspired by his experience.

Physican Blogs: Finance

Physician on FIRE Fantastic fusion of the concepts that drive physician financial decisions with the FIRE movement (financially independent/retire early). Exquisite in-depth complement to the curated financial material on this site. Directed mostly to a attending-level income. Affiliated with White Coat Investor, below.

White Coat Investor  The seminal resource on money management as a doctor. Reading this site or his book will give you a great understanding of most of the financial tools that are out there. While there is great material for all of us, it is also geared to an attending level.

Passive Income MD  The True Doctor series is an inspiring and insightful look into how many doctors make their education work for them, mostly outside of the traditional bounds of practice.

Live Free MD Written by a sports medicine doc chronicling his (successful) efforts to achieve true work/family/interest/travel balance. Work/life just doesn’t cut it.

Physican Blogs: Other

Buckeye Surgeon  A frank and humorous take on the life and times of a Midwestern surgeon. He even publishes poetry. Definitely worth a read if surgery as a career interests you.

Slate Star Codex An intellectual/philosophical/technology blog by a psychiatrist out west, Scott Alexander. He is incredibly prolific and by no means limits himself to discussing medicine. Great if you want to expand your horizons and get a glimpse of (some of) the future.


D’Marge I know I advocate a lifestyle that skews towards minimalist, produce more, consume less, all of that, but I still appreciate style and great design when I see it. This is an Australian style blog directed towards men that is off the chain (whatever that really means).

All Things Stylish See above, but not Australian, and just pictures.